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How it Works

How Financial Education will help your people

Our clients share one goal: to provide their greatest asset, their people, with the confidence, context and clarity to make smarter financial decisions

Personalised Financial Education to Boost Financial Wellbeing

From a regular feed of employee, employer, market and legislative data, our technology identifies relevant ‘changes’ which triggers a personalised syllabus of Financial Education for employees, tailored around their own Financial Wellbeing needs.


Financial Education and advice is delivered in the context of employees’ ‘Dreams & Goals’ which provides an emotional foundation to promote the wider Reward and Benefits programme in the context of their Financial Wellbeing.


Through our data analytics (‘Nudgenomics’), we track and aggregate employees’ needs and interests which provides our clients, their employers, with the unique MI to better understand the Financial Wellbeing of their people.

Our Values

Improving lives for all, not just those who can afford it. We are independent and inclusive. Driven by education we aim to provide an experience that benefits all individual employees and their organisations.

Our Clients’ Drivers

  • Financial Wellbeing: completing the wellbeing strategy jigsaw
  • Pension Freedoms: supporting retirement decision making
  • Workforce Planning: managing retirement expectations
  • Benefit Engagement: improve benefit understanding and uptake
  • Engagement Analytics: better understanding the workforce’s needs
  • Corporate Social Responsbility: giving employees access to the tools and information they need to manage their finances

Find out how AB InBev and Samsung delivered award winning strategies.

Employee Impact

  • Healthcare: reducing stress related health insurance costs
  • Salary Sacrifice: increasing understanding, uptake and savings
  • Productivity: reducing stress related absence
  • Commercial Awareness: encouraging better financial behaviours
  • Benefit Value: increased appreciation of reward & benefits

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