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How it Works

How We Charge

Simple, Transparent and Success Based Pricing


Our pricing is fixed giving you the reassurance that you know what you will pay throughout our relationship. This allows you to plan your benefits budget with assurance.


Our sole focus is education – we don’t sell products or promote benefit or service providers and our transparent revenues reflect that.


Our ongoing analytics which, we call ‘Nudgenomics’, provides you with all of the evidence and insight you need to prove a positive return on investment.

Pricing Basics

There are two elements to our pricing: an up front ‘Implementation Fee’ for the configuration of the solution and a ‘Licence Fee’ for the ongoing delivery.


Your exact pricing will depend on a number of variables including the number of employees you have and the extent to which you want to promote your existing rewards and benefits.

Business Case

There are many ways that a successful Financial Education programme can provide economic efficiencies for your people and your organisation.

Get in touch so we can help you build your business case.

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