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Financial Education Research 2015

Welcome to the Definitive Guide to Financial Education, 2015 – the independent research that dissects, analyses and challenges this exciting market.

Growing Market

  • The UK Financial Education market is growing by 121% year on year
  • Growth is mainly fueled by legislation
  • As the market matures, so does the variety and sophistication of suppliers – more programmes provided by Specialist providers than Employee Benefit Consultancies, Independent Financial Advisers, Banks, Insurance Companies or Inhouse solutions

Changing Audience

  • Financial Education is no longer just a solution for lower earners
  • In light of the new pension flexibilities, Financial Education is an important resource for broader financial planning
  • The immaturity of the UK market is evident with many organisations not in possession of even the most basic management information such as employee usage of their Financial Education programme

Crystal Ball

By tracking the market over the last 2 years, we predict that the next 12 months will see i) continued triple digit market growth, ii) increasingly comprehensive programmes that focus on wider personal finances as well as pensions and employee benefits and iii) increasing personalisation.

2015 will be the tipping point where Financial Education becomes the provision of the majority rather than minority.


For more information on what to expect for 2016, read our Workplace Financial Wellbeing: The Definitive Guide 2016.

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