Q2 2024

Global financial health pulse

Global financial health pulse

Using insights from more than 1.5 million people in the nudge community, the global financial health pulse explores the current state of people’s financial health around the world across the five pillars of financial wellbeing.

The nudge view

We have seen a significant drop for one quarter in the financial health pillars aligned to the future. There is a global trend of people being more focused on cost control in the present, rather than future planning. This is due to the global conflicts, market volatility and political uncertainty we have seen in 2024, for example there are at least 40 government elections taking place this year, impacting over 50% of the world’s population and representing over 60% of global GDP. Although retirement is still a topic of interest, the scores show this environment is causing uncertainty about the future and a focus on security.

💵 Borrowing and Spending pillars remain high. People are still showing confidence in their ability to manage day-to-day personal finance and spending limits and ensuring their debt is manageable and affordable. 

📉 Planning and Learning see significant decreases. People remain more focused on managing their current financial situations rather than preparing for the long-term.

🌎 North America’s overall score remains the highest, 5 points higher than the global average. Yet we see APAC’s overall score dip 3 points lower than the global average - Japan saw the largest decrease in their financial health score from 68 to 57, despite the country no longer in deflation and a strong trend of wage hikes taking place.

💡 Top trending financial interests across the globe: Tax, Retirement and Travel and leisure - reflecting the day to day focus in the financial health score, but with attention looking to the future.

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