Webinar | July 11 | 4pm BST | 11 am ET

2023 Global financial wellbeing forum: How to create an impactful global strategy

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Globally, people are anxious about their personal finances, 63% aren’t saving enough and 75% are not prepared for retirement.

Employees are looking for answers and turning to their employers for help. But how do organizations navigate every employees' unique set of challenges, and diverse financial needs, to create an impactful global strategy?

Join nudge Co-founder, Jeremy Beament and a panel of experts and discuss the challenges, opportunities and latest trends in global financial wellbeing.

Explore how to:

- Secure senior stakeholder buy-in for a global program.

- Create a communication strategy to match the needs of your global workforce.

- Prove the impact of your program.

Together, we can create a truly impactful global strategy – let’s begin.


Brenton Peck

Director, Financial Health Network

Director of Financial Services Solutions, Brenton works with financial services and technology clients to develop effective strategies for improving consumer financial health.

Fueled by a firm belief that financial health should be achievable for all, Brenton leads fintech evaluation, product design, organizational growth, and other initiatives for businesses to drive positive impact across the financial services industry.


Jeremy Beament

Co-founder and Director, nudge 

With over 18 years’ experience in HR and reward, Jeremy Beament, Co-founder of nudge, has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Prior to nudge, Jeremy was part of the team at Thomsons Online Benefits (now Darwin), the global benefits platform that brought employee benefits online. Throughout his career, Jeremy has worked with HR and reward leaders from the world’s leading companies to share market-leading employee benefit strategies.

Artur Jager

Director Benefits Strategy & Governance (EMEA/ASIA), GSK

With over 8 years of HR Reward experience in Consulting and Multinational Enterprises, Artur is a strong advocate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the role it plays in employee wellbeing.

Currently the Director Benefits Strategy & Governance (EMEA/Asia) at GSK, Artur is responsible for defining appropriate strategies and governance for benefit programs in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Artur is a champion of GSK’s thriving people agenda, and most recently facilitated the roll-out of nudge at GSK in ~50 countries.

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