Exclusive insight report

Find out the top financial concerns and habits of employees like yours

Based on data from +400k employees

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Financial wellbeing has risen to the top of employers' agendas, so this month we are offering a preview of nudge, insight report and consultation on your financial wellbeing programme.

Your exclusive insight report and consultation will cover:

  • The top financial concerns and habits of +400k people like yours
  • How employers in your industry are supporting their people’s financial wellbeing
  • Actionable next steps to refine your programme

Once you've signed up, a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a time to meet and send your tailored report.

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Client testimonials

IBM: '90% said nudge helped them better understand, manage and make more of their money.'

Virgin: 'nudge has increased flexible benefit log-ins by 18%, active selections by 22% and bonus exchange take-up to 14%'

Samsung: 'nudge personalises education according to the employee's age, gender, salary and benefit choices.'

Exclusive insight report

Find out your people's top concerns and financial wellbeing needs

We love data - so it would be our pleasure to send you an exclusive insight report. We’ll include, just for you, the most popular financial topics - pre, during, and post COVID-19. All completely bespoke to your industry.

nudge in a nutshell

For companies:

  • An independent financial wellbeing employee benefit 
  • Proven to increase uptake of reward and benefits
  • Improves employees' financial and wider wellbeing
  • Easy to implement and used by the world's leading employers

For employees:

  • Take control of finances - simple, relevant and actionable financial education
  • Increases employee wealth through tapping into company and government financial benefits
  • Inclusive: tailored to all ages, incomes, life stages and financial goals
  • Popular: used by over 450,000 employees in UK, Ireland and Spain

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