Nudgenomics is a comprehensive financial wellbeing report that provides you with unique insights into your people.

These bespoke reports not only help us to understand the behaviours and interests of everyone on our platform so we can develop and refine our service, it also provides our clients with unique insight about their people.

Your quarterly Nudgenomics report presents a detailed and benchmarked analysis on how different employee groups are engaging with their money.

This helps you refine your reward strategy and communication to match your people’s true needs and wants.

Nudgenomics analysis is prepared by our team of business psychologists and provides you with:

  • Insight into your people’s needs, lifestyles and financial dreams and goals.
  • Understanding of your people’s communication preferences (email, SMS or WhatsApp) plus how and when they prefer to interact with their financial wellbeing platform and from what type of device.
  • Industry and geographical benchmarking to help assess existing and set new goals.
  • Pinpointing where your organisation may be experiencing engagement issues or communication gaps.