Our Mission

We’re Nudge and we’re making money simpler by improving financial literacy to boost Financial Wellness.

Our core audience are the employees of our Clients (we call them the Nudge Community) but increasingly we’re providing the Nudge service beyond the workforce in terms of leavers, redundancies, deferred pension members, retirees and friends and family.

We’re delighted to support The Money Charity, the UK’s financial capability charity, who are unique in educating children, young people and adults. As partners, we are 100% aligned on the need for sales-free and inclusive Financial Education as a means of improving financial literacy to tackle the UK`s Financial Wellness problem.

Nudge in a Nutshell

Our 90-second overview outlining how we deliver on our mission of ‘making money simpler’.

If There’s Only One Thing…

If there is only one thing that you remember about us, please let it be that we are obsessively independent – sales-free. We have no providers or products to promote or push.

Our business model reflects this and is very simple. Our employer Clients pay us a fee to support their people and we have no other revenue streams.

This provides our Clients, the employers, with peace of mind to promote our service and our Nudge Community, the employees of our Clients, reassurance to use the service. If you’re learning about loans, you won’t be called a week later to be sold one.

We are motivated and remunerated to support your people…all of them. We do not just use Financial Education as a mechanism to sell something.

Financial Literacy for Everyone

With no products to sell, Nudge is non-discriminative service that is truly inclusive.

Regardless of a user’s age, wealth, knowledge or interests, there is the opportunity to make money simpler and improve financial literacy:

  • Apprentices: moving out of home, getting first credit card, shopping safely online.
  • Graduates: student loan, getting on the housing ladder, joining a pension.
  • Young Parents: Junior ISAs, Wills, protection & insurance.
  • Families: Pocket money, holidays, mortgages.
  • Baby boomers: life after work, inheritance planning, students & graduates (for their children).
  • Retirees: avoiding scams, Wills, everyday finances.

Ask us for examples of how we’re helping people like you.

Service to Match your Budget

Being a sales-free solution, Nudge is a paid-for service.

Being paid for helps sponsoring employers to achieve:

  • Peace of mind that they have no liability that comes from facilitating product distribution.
  • The broadest possible engagement (average engagement levels at Nudge at 60%-75%).
  • A partner who is similarly aligned on improving Financial Wellness.

To support a range of budgets, there are a range of service offerings. Get in touch to find out more.