nudge named top 10 employee benefit solution by ManageHR

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nudge named top 10 employee benefit solution by ManageHR

Honored and elated to be recognized as one of ManageHR’s top 10 employee benefits solutions companies in Europe and the UK, in their recent announcement, the magazine said the awards are to, “highlight some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging employee benefit solutions and services to boost their growth.”

Why are employee benefits more important than ever?

Well, the world of work is changing at lightning speed, and in a direction that’s more complex and competitive. And with the current financial crisis putting pressure on company budgets, talent teams are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain people.

ManageHR features nudge as the most effective solution for clients to “optimize their employee benefits to reduce the stress on finances… addressing the link between mental and financial wellbeing to help improve financial control.”

Why is nudge the best employee benefits solution in the market right now?

ManageHR explores nudge’s features and benefits and replays our recent project with Expedia to showcase why they believe nudge is the top employee benefits solution in the market right now. “One of nudge’s clients Expedia, with 14,800 employees across 57 countries, nurtured a culture of wellbeing by offering numerous benefit programs to its employees.

The client was interested, not just in the financial wellbeing of its employees, but also in driving awareness and uptake of their global employee benefit programs, that are suitable for all roles.

Expedia went live with nudge in three months. By month four, 62% of their employees were engaging with the platform and benefit awareness campaigns, leaving nudge with a very happy client in tow.”

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