How can employers drive financial inclusion?

How can employers drive financial inclusion?

Jun 10 2021  |  Team nudge

The pandemic has amplified the financial inequalities already in existence. Women, people with disabilities and some ethnicities are disproportionately bearing the economic fallout.

In this pioneering webinar, hear from leading financial wellbeing, diversity and inclusion experts who address why the global wealth gap is worsening, what it will take to achieve financial equality and how employers can stop some communities bearing the economic burden

An amazing lineup of speakers

🚀 Tori Berry, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead, HSBC
🚀 Hashi Mohamed, Barrister, Broadcaster, Commentator and Thought Leader
🚀 Shani Dhanda, Multi-Award-Winning Disability Specialist and Speaker
🚀 David Whitfield, CEO and Founder, HR Data Hub

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