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The nudgecast: Are you there when your people need you the most?

Jul 27 2020  |  Jeremy Beament, co-founder nudge | Katie Lynch, Founder at Apiary Life | Liz Crilley, Chief Commercial Officer at Apiary Life

Many employers have support in place to support their people around those positive life events: getting married, having children, moving home…etc. But what about when they are in crisis? Divorce and bereavements, as well as emotional turmoil, can bring a multitude of administrative and financial stress, that seriously impacts individuals’ wellbeing and working life.
In this nudgecast episode with Apiary Life we discuss:
* The wellbeing implications of divorce and bereavement on individuals
* How work/life balance has shifted to work/life integration and the role of the employer in this 
* Key takeaways to reframe how you support your people through these events.

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