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Women and money nudgecast

Nov 15 2021  |  Grace Massey

In this episode of the nudgecast we talk about women's relationship with money with the co-founders of the Finance Sisters, a global organisation that runs community workshops for women on how to have a better relationship with money. 

Marie-Eve Menger, change management lead at Accenture and specialist in tech innovation connecting Japan, Germany and Netherlands and Victoria Mallinckrodt, procurement lead and financial wellbeing advocate at The World Economic Forum, and nudge's Marketing Director Grace Massey discuss:

  • The nuances of women's relationship with money
  • The approach the finance sisters take in building confidence around money management
  • Employer's role in improving relationships with money

If you want to find out more, our recent global research into financial wellbeing covered in Forbes and The Independent looked at the habits, behaviors and interests of over 11,000 people world wide, uncovered trends in financial exclusion and education in different demographics, including women.

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