Global financial wellbeing report, why it's time for organizations to break cycles of exclusion for their customers

Disrupt damaging money habits

Global financial wellbeing report | disrupting money habits | nudge Global

The world’s first global financial wellbeing research, breaks down the disparate financial needs, habits and behaviors of over 11,500 people around the world. To uncover how organizations can break cycles of financial exclusion for customers.


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  • Never seen before global trends in financial wellbeing.
  • Why organizations play a key role in breaking cycles of financial exclusion.
  • How to build a truly inclusive global financial wellbeing strategy.

We believe to address inequality, financial skills and knowledge should be available to everyone - regardless of ethnicity, gender, generation, nationality or socioeconomic background.

Let’s disrupt damaging money habits together, download the report.

Find out the emerging global financial wellbeing trends

Technology: What are the risks of entrusting our financial futures into the hands of the tech gods? Lacking credible financial help and with nowhere else to turn, 4 out of 10 people rely on risky, unregulated financial education that can confuse or mislead. 

Family: Stop generation after generation repeating the same financial mistakes. Most people (74%) rely on family to learn money management, we’re not using the influence of family for good.

Global human: Overcome constraints by understanding our similarities and coming together in our differences. Through regional, cultural, gender and income data, coupled with personalized financial education, we can foster inclusion and help the 45% of people who feel anxious about their financial situation.

Future: What will it take to extinguish exclusion for a brighter tomorrow? 1 in 3 are depressed about their financial situation. While employers have a natural role in helping their people make the most of their money, organizations also have an opportunity to support their customers’ long-term financial health and break cycles of financial exclusion for good. Question is what’s stopping you? 






Key report themes

Why read this report?

No more excuses - break cycles of exclusion

49% of people feel excluded from the financial ecosystem.

Everyone should have the ability to feel in control of their money and be hopeful about their financial future - but our research has revealed a different reality. 

In fact, many are being left behind the rest of the world. Not only is it unfair, it causes anxiety, discontent, hopelessness, and that weighs heavy on people’s wellbeing. 

Our research aims to help organizations grow through enhanced inclusion, a globally aligned benefit experience and a workforce that's financially well.

Let’s disrupt damaging financial habits together - and build truly inclusive financial wellbeing strategies.


Quote from our Co-Founder Tim Perkins

"Another key conclusion we can draw from this report is the significant work still required to make the world of finance inclusive. All over the world, financial exclusion remains a curse for many, particularly women and some ethnicities groups. For organizations who are serious about the diversity and inclusion agenda, financial
wellbeing offers an excellent channel for organizations to celebrate difference and transform everyone’s future financial prospects.

Despite the precarious world we live in, people’s hope for the future shines through. It is now time for businesses to make that hope a reality and break cycles of exclusion for good. Together let’s disrupt damaging money habits and create brighter financial futures for everyone, everywhere." 

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