nudge for redundancy

A helping hand in difficult times

nudge for redundancy | nudge

Financial wellbeing support for your redundant employees

Redundancy is incredibly challenging for anyone involved, but we can help. nudge gives your employees, and their loved ones, a helping hand through this tough time and beyond.

Helping them understand their changing circumstances, make the most of the support available, and plan their financial future.

This enables you to:

  • Easily go above and beyond with your redundancy package
  • Nurture and maintain a dialogue so those people are more likely to return to your business
  • Protect your brand as a caring employer
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nudge for redundancy

nudge in a nutshell

For companies:

  • An independent financial wellbeing employee benefitĀ 
  • Proven to increase uptake of reward and benefits
  • Improves employees' financial and wider wellbeing
  • Easy to implement and used by the world's leading employers

For employees:

  • Take control of finances - simple, relevant and actionable financial education
  • Increases employee wealth through tapping into company and government financial benefits
  • Inclusive: tailored to all ages, incomes, life stages and financial goals
  • Popular: used by over 450,000 employees in UK, Ireland and Spain

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