Talk Money Week 2021

Navigating money discussions with friends, family, employers, and the world.

Talk money week 2021

In celebration of Talk Money Week 2021, we've recorded a series of chats with our Training and Community Engagement Specialist, Gabrielle Spendlove, with many awesome folks from across nudge.

Watch the podcast and find out how other people kick-start conversations with partners, friends, parents, kids and employers - anyone that wants to share their thoughts really.

Reuben Conibear, nudge Marketing Manager, and Gabs discuss weddings, relationships and financial intimacy.


Abdel Azzam, nudge MD, and Gabs chat through the uncomfortable, to the comfortable at work.


Tim Perkins, nudge Co-founder, and Gabs tackle those tough conversations with our parents and explore life after work. 


Wendy Kilgannon, nudge Enterprise Account Executive, and Gabs make money fun for kids.


Mark Burnett, nudge Corporate Account Executive, and Gabs cover the cost of silence, chatting to friends about money.







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