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The new wave of wellbeing

The new wave of wellbeing

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Webinar timings:

📍[00.01] Opening remarks: The elephant in the workplace 
    - Tim Perkins, Co-founder, nudge

📍[12.03] Stability in an uncertain world
     - Susanne Jacobs, Founder, The Seven

📍[25.10] Panel discussion: Lighting the way forward for your people
    - Alison Dodd, Employee Benefits Manager, AWE,

    - Sandra Shipley, Employee Benefits Manager, SSE,
    - Mark Winterflood, Wellbeing Manager, Hastings Direct,
    - Lindsay McDonald, Employee Benefits Manager, Capgemini

📍[44.24] The new wave of financial wellbeing tech
    - James Shaw, Chief Technology Officer, nudge
    - Jeremy Beament, Co-founder, nudge

📍[54.00] Closing thoughts: The future of wellbeing
    - Jeremy Beament, Co-founder, nudge

If you would like to continue the conversation on financial wellbeing, please get in touch here to speak to a member of the team.

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