Q1 2024

Global financial health pulse

Global financial health pulse: Q1 2024
Using information on 1.5million nudge users, the global financial health pulse explores the current state of people's financial health around the world, across five pillars of financial wellbeing.
Key trends:
  • Overall global financial health score remains at 58 month-on-month with a slight retraction in the five financial pillars.
  • Borrowing and Spending scores remain high as people navigate current inflation and cost of living.
  • Low scoring for Planning. With the above, people are more focused on the here and now, but how will this affect the long-term and life after work?
  • N. America have most confidence in their finances as they buckled down after economic shocks and feel more optimistic about the market improving this year.
  • Continued growth and favourable economic forecasting in the tech sector has had a knock on effect with its workforce as it climbs to the top spot in sector financial health rankings.
Access the latest employee global financial health scores, broken down by country, region and sector, plus understand the even more trends in personal finance interests. 
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