Global financial wellbeing report 2022

Can we connect? How financial empowerment can save the employer-employee connection

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Why read this report?

  • Learn why financially empowered employees are 25% more connected to their employer, and 20% more likely to experience contentment with their finances
  • Discover how you can build connections with your employees through financial education, regardless of age or salary bracket
  • Understand which benefits will help your people achieve their life goals

Our ground-breaking research uncovers that by supporting employees' financial wellbeing, employers can improve retention, engagement and ultimately, their organization's bottom line.

It's time to re-connect and empower your people with financial education.

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Working with research agency Censuswide, we surveyed 6,750 full-time employees who do not use the nudge platform across 14 countries, with even representation across age, gender, ethnicity and earnings. 25% of those surveyed earned over USD 50,000 in their local currency.


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