Financial education that drives uptake of your clients’ benefits

nudge complements and elevates your clients’ existing program. As the impartial financial education underpin, we help you to increase benefits uptake and improve employee financial wellness.

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Employees with access to nudge


are confident in managing their finances


greater understanding of their benefits


more take-up of benefits

nudge features designed for your clients

A global financial education platform

Drawing on behavioral psychology and data, our platform offers personalized, engaging financial knowledge and skills to educate and delight. Unaffiliated with conflicting financial products, our inclusive solution is trusted by millions of people across the world.

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Integrated benefit education

The nudge technology seamlessly integrates with popular benefit providers to drive awareness, understanding and uptake of your clients' benefits, from health insurance to retirement plans, wellness programs and much more. On nudge, your clients' can segment and promote the right benefits to the right person, at the right time through trigger-based communications.

The power of nudge data and insights

Access to critical data with nudgenomics (nudge’s analytics). Track engagement with nudge, employee financial health, needs and interests, benefit campaign engagement, and wider business impact. As well as enabling us to increase the impact of nudge, these insights will inform your clients' wellness and employee benefit strategy, delivering programs your people really want, and need.

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Client stories

88% of employees make use of benefit allowance.

62% of employees have engaged with nudge.

99% engagement with launch program.

68% engagement with retirement contribution window.

94% of employees have interacted with financial education resources.

74% of people feel in control of their finances.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. Looking for more? Check out the full list below. Or get in touch and we can talk.

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How does nudge work?

The nudge platform combines personal finance education, data and behavioral psychology to provide individuals with in-the-moment, personalized financial education. nudge provides peace of mind that when something happens in the world of money that you need to know about, you have access to a safe-space to learn about it and take action.

Does nudge sell financial products or services?

No. nudge is 100% impartial, personalized financial education – free from product or provider bias. This allows nudge to focus on improving people’s financial skills and knowledge without the conflict of product or service distribution.

What countries is nudge available in?

When it comes to financial education for all, our goal is to provide every individual with a consistent, personalized technology experience, with local financial education in local language. So, no matter where an individual is in the world, they receive personalized, localized and timely financial education.

With globally relevant financial education in 195 countries, nudge is the leading financial wellbeing provider. In 79 of these countries, users are enjoying financial and benefit education that is localized to their specific country. 40 countries are in local language, or languages where they are multilingual, e.g Canada (English and French), India (English and Hindi) and the U.S (English and Spanish).

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