BNP Paribas improves financial health of their friends and family

BNP Paribas improves financial health of their friends and family

Established: 2000
Industry: Financial services
U.K. Employees: 9,000

The Challenge

Having partnered with us in 2017, BNP Paribas has a long-standing relationship with nudge. BNP Paribas is known for being a best-in-class organization for benefits and experience impressive employee engagement with benefits to improve their financial health, with over 90% interacting with nudge.

In recent months we have built upon this foundation by supporting in 2 ways:

Friends and family memberships:

Our research shows that employees who receive financial education are 24% more likely to feel connected to their employers.

Giving friends and family the resources to help them deal with the rising cost of living is also part of employees overall financial wellbeing. So, providing employees with nudge for friends and family meant employees felt more connected to their employers than ever.

Reward nudges to remind employees to update their personal benefit needs:

nudge provided a personalized service to BNP Paribas by sending out reward nudges to their workforce to encourage them to engage with their wider benefit offering.

By using personalized, timely prompts - or nudges – delivered via the employee’s channel of choice, including email, SMS and WhatsApp – BNP Paribas drove engagement with their holistic benefit and wellbeing offering. The reward nudge also helped to see a 20% year on year increase to the bitesize benefit event, the annual benefits engagement webinar series.

These timely nudges increased traffic to their benefit portal by 46%.

By encouraging their employees to engage with their wider benefit offering through our personalized nudges, as well as the opportunity for employees to offer their service to their friends and family, BNP Paribas continues to support their employees to take control of their money and lives.


Increase to the Bitesize Benefit event (y-o-y)


Increase in traffic to benefit portal


more connected to BNP Paribas

"We wanted to provide our employees with resources to help them deal with the rising cost of living. However, as we know that finance is rarely an individual topic as family and friends are part of financial wellbeing too, we wanted to extend the same support to their loved ones."

Sian Gandhi

Pensions Specialist