Delivering 5 star-rated financial wellbeing masterclasses for Capgemini

Delivering 5 star-rated financial wellbeing masterclasses for Capgemini

Established: 1967
Industry: IT and services

The challenge

For over a decade, Capgemini has been running a graduate and apprenticeships program. They heavily invest in making sure that all employees get an amazing experience throughout the program. Adapting to COVID-19, they developed a new virtual initiative called Community Connect Live. Providing those enrolled with new skills as they developed in both their personal and professional lives. Our global financial wellbeing solution coaches your people to better understand and manage their finances, giving them more control of their money and future.

The solution

Recognizing money management, Capgemini partnered with nudge to launch Community Connect Live with a bespoke financial wellbeing masterclass. nudge’s expert trainers delivered engaging content tailored to younger people. Helping them to understand the foundation of personal finance and equip them with the skills and knowledge to manage their money with confidence. Following the masterclass, nudge sent out personalized communications to this community, encouraging them to build on their learning by making the most of the education and tools available through nudge.


Masterclass attendees


Feedback training


Engagement on nudge, post masterclass

“At Capgemini, a people-centric organization, we recognize the importance of financial wellbeing and the impact effective money management can have on our employees. We wanted to create an opportunity to empower our graduates and apprentices to be in the driving seat when it comes to their finances, so they are able to make the right start. For this, we partnered with nudge, our financial wellbeing provider, and designed a masterclass which provided a tailored session for our community based on each individual’s priorities and to encourage them to take control of their finances. We are delighted to see the creative approach taken by nudge and are thrilled to see the results, especially given that we have driven this initiative virtually.”

Ruth South

Head of Graduate and Apprentice Programs, Capgemini

We had some fantastic employee feedback following the masterclass:

“I learnt a lot from the session today. Really helpful information, particularly how to budget. And tips on things to change. I think for people who are straight from uni, and are unaware of where to start with their money, this was particularly helpful!”

“I loved the presenter’s energy and bubbly attitude. He was very engaging and I was not bored a single minute during the presentation - I think that he was very informative at the same time. Great session and it has encouraged me to use nudge a lot more now.”