Employees awarded $2.5m+ for boosting financial literacy

Employees awarded $2.5m+ for boosting financial literacy

Established: 1925
Industry: Airlines and Aviation
No. of employees: 90,000+


Delta partnered with nudge to offer a new financial wellness program designed for its global workforce outside of the U.S. The program includes a localized monetary incentive equivalent to $1,000 (USD) in buying power, once employees have engaged with personalized, impartial financial education.

The challenge

Delta has a culture of safety and service and they wanted to reflect this in the support they provide their global workforce. With a financial wellness program already in place for U.S. employees, Delta needed to introduce a globally consistent program tailored to meet the needs of its additional 3,100+ employees in 55 countries. Their goals focused on two key areas, increasing financial literacy and improving financial resilience - which combined empower their employees to feel more in control of their finances and able to cope with the unexpected. They needed an impartial and personalized financial education platform that had the flexibility and data insight capabilities needed to meet this challenge internationally. 

The solution

nudge was the solution for Delta’s challenge. Utilizing key features for employees to engage with, such as financial education stories and the financial health checkup, nudge were able to gamify learning that would lead to Delta employees gaining access to the equivalent of circa $1,000 buying power, to be paid into an emergency savings type vehicle in local currency, as reward for increasing their financial literacy.

The ongoing incentive is broken down as follows:

  1. Employees receive the first payout after completing the financial health checkup and five stories.
  2. Employees receive the second payout after completing an additional six stories. nudge provide progress points reports that allow Delta to make reward payments, plus additional valuable data insights on their employees’ financial health, needs and interests.


of employees taking action on nudge within the first 3 months of launch

$2.5m +

equivalent of buying power awarded to employees as part of financial education incentive


2,737 employees have earned a reward

As with our culture of safety and service, Delta’s desire to support the wellbeing of our people spans every corner of our global network. Financial wellness plays a major role in everyone’s overall health and wellness, which is why we are thrilled to offer a financial education program that caters to our hardworking Delta people based around the world.

Joanne Smith

E.V.P and Chief People Officer