Expedia implement scalable financial wellbeing solution in 57 countries

Expedia implement scalable financial wellbeing solution in 57 countries

Established: 1996

Industry: Travel and Leisure

No. of Employees: 14,800

The challenge

Expedia nurtured a culture of wellbeing underpinned by physical, social, financial and emotional pillars. Following a review of their reward program, they saw the urgent need to develop their financial wellbeing pillar. When digging deeper the team recognised a gap in their employees' financial skills and knowledge around money management. 

Through collating employee stories around financial stress and the impact it was having on their wellbeing, Expedia were able to create a solid business case for a solution that would help their people to take control of their money.

With over 14,800 employees across 57 countries, Expedia had a wide variety of benefit programs across the world, and needed a global solution that met the diverse needs and interests of their employees, across all salary brackets. Crucially, the team wanted to implement a solution that provided a consistent global experience, but also provided relevant local financial content to their people.

The solution

Expedia launched nudge’s global financial education platform in 3 months. The solution was rolled out to employees in 57 regions to provide a high quality, consistent experience for their people across the globe. 

With nudge, Expedia launched their new financial wellbeing initiative with global interactive money masterclasses, underpinned by nudge’s financial education platform with localized interactive learning modules and tools, that their people can access at any time. 

nudgenomics (nudge’s data analytics on engagement, employee needs and interests) is a critical part of the solution for the team. It provides evidence that employee financial wellbeing is improving, and shares data on employee financial needs and interests, to inform Expedia’s financial wellbeing strategy moving forward. 


countries rolled out nudge


of employees have engaged


employees engaged 3+ times

Employees have harnessed the power; they know what they want and the expectation is that we provide support, and financial wellbeing is a crucial component. We've been really excited about the interactions that we've had [with nudge]. We've had a ton of people reach out, more than any other product that we've ever offered, and thank us.

Morgan Bridges

Director, Global Benefits and Wellbeing, Expedia Group