Intuit aims to improve wellbeing for its diverse employee population

Intuit aims to improve wellbeing for its diverse employee population

Established: 1983
Industry: Technology
No. of employees: Global 17.3k


Intuit’s goal is simple, to improve wellbeing for the diverse Intuit employee population and to deliver an integrated financial wellbeing communication strategy that draws on different themes each month, and always ties back to financial education. The strategy has resulted in outstanding outcomes, and is recognized as the winner of the Best Financial Wellbeing Strategy from Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023.


Intuit recognizes that financial literacy is the cornerstone to economic prosperity, thus the vision of the campaign was to equip employees with fundamental resources to attain financial security and arm them with tools to boost their financial confidence to enhance their financial outlook. Ultimately, Intuit want their people to reach their goals and save for the foreseeable future.


Financial wellbeing is one of several pillars that is interconnected to the wider wellbeing strategy and aligned to the Intuit benefits program. Intuit created a financial wellbeing strategy, that’s underpinned by impartial financial education by nudge that focuses on regular communications and that’s supported with other initiatives within the business. With a particular emphasis on supporting employees with the cost-of-living crisis via interactive training sessions. The financial wellbeing program hinges on dedicated themes and campaigns throughout the year, including: healthy finances theme in April, mental health awareness week focus in May, family focus in June, women and families in August. Each theme is integrated with a financial wellbeing benefit eg. retirement planning, financial coaching and budgeting, discount platform, financial education and online learning, childcare support and clinical, emotional, and financial support for women and families.

The team successfully ties together the role of finances in a healthy life, alongside physical and mental wellbeing. Intuit, alongside nudge, offer a plethora of options, empowering employees to take advantage of resources that best suit their unique needs. Intuit use several communication mediums to engage employees including slack messages, digital signage, and partnered with our Employee Resource Group (ERGs) global leaders, to promote targeted announcements within each community. Furthermore, the team remind employees about other programs to help defray expenses related to their, and their family’s wellbeing. Aggregate analyses, by way of vendor partnerships, enable us to tailor messages to each target audience.

At Intuit, the mission of powering prosperity around the world begins with the investment in people. The team approached the wellbeing campaign with the company's mission and vision in mind. The overarching wellbeing strategy encompasses a reimagined, future state of work, where employees can do the best work of their lives and thrive. Thus, the financial wellbeing strategy was aligned with "meeting people where they are", in moments of time, when it mattered most. This approach was fundamentally grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Intuit was named the 10th Best Large Workplace at the 2023 Great Place To Work awards and named as the 11th Best Large Workplace for Wellbeing. Intuit has also been recognized by Best Companies in 2023 as one of the Best Large Companies and Best Technology Companies to Work For.

In the most recent Great Place To Work survey, Intuit achieved an overall wellbeing score of 85% and received particularly high scores for statements such as ‘People care about each other here’ (93% agreement) and ‘This organization actively promotes mental and physical health among its employees.’ (92% agreement).

During their Get to Know Your Benefits companywide campaign, Intuit also learned that:

Approximately 66.5% of employees in the U.S. and approximately 64.7% of employees internationally expressed that they were ready to take their finances to the next level and save more money.


of employees have interacted with financial education resources


of employees that have visited nudge have returned three or more times


of employees engaged with the recent healthy finances campaign