How JTC helps their members to help themselves

How JTC helps their members to help themselves

Established: 1987

Industry: Finance

No. of members: 30,000


JTC, who specialize in international retirement and savings plans for their members, have seen lots of success including nudge within their service to their members.

The challenge

Anton Seater, Director of Employer Solutions at JTC, shared some insights on the reason they wanted to provide their members with financial education on the panel at a nudge conference. While using nudge, they were able to better understand their members, how to engage with them, and how to help them to help themselves. What’s more, offering nudge was also a key driver in selling their services.

The solution

Raised awareness

nudge partnered with JTC to deliver the latest nudge research/white paper to their client community. This raised awareness of nudge, and JTC could now improve their proposition to help people manage their money effectively.

Reached more people

Their goal was to reach their members globally. This resulted in a 42% engagement rate. It allowed them to understand their members’ financial goals.

Delivered richer content

They wanted to be able to provide, timely, relevant content to their members’ globally. Through the knowledge that they gained around their members’ financial goals, they could get a better handle on what content was working well. Through ‘nudgenomics’, they noticed that the top articles accessed by their members were around mental health and wellbeing and preparing for economic downturn.