Brewing the best financial wellbeing strategy

Brewing the best financial wellbeing strategy

Established: 2005
Industry: FMCG
No. of employees across Western Europe: 2,500 (UK, Ireland, Spain)

The Situation

Ultimately Molson Coors and nudge aim to help employees to access impartial, personalized financial education to better understand and manage their money. Molson Coors’ first step in building a financial wellbeing strategy was to find out from their people what they were thinking when it came to money – what they worry about, and what support would benefit them. The Western Europe team carried out confidential anonymous surveys and financial wellness assessments across the business, the results gave a better understanding of their people’s needs. This strategy was so successful in fact, that it was shortlisted for ‘Best financial wellbeing strategy’ at the Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023.

The Challenge

The pandemic amplified the need for different types of financial education and wellbeing support, as well as changed the attitudes and needs of employees across all their locations. The team carried out a financial wellness assessment at the start of the financial wellbeing strategy journey, and this highlighted the key areas of financial interest, pinpointing the topics for educational webinars, including financial planning, protection, and retirement. The team understood that they needed to keep the strategy fresh and interesting by regularly signposting to relevant nudge financial education resources.

The Solution

Molson Coors financial wellbeing strategy is underpinned by the vision to make, “a real difference to our people, living true to our value of putting people first. We will support people through our benefits and through education to help them.” Their strategy focuses on two pillars:

Secure the present:
- Increase control over day-to-day finances
- Increase capacity to absorb financial shocks

Improve the future:
- Increase confidence to make financial decisions
- Get on track to achieve long-term financial goals

The core focus for Molson Coors is providing impartial financial education content through the nudge platform that’s inclusive of, and accessible to, their diverse workforces’ needs. nudge sends personalized, timely prompts on the latest most relevant updates in personal finance. nudge aims to explain what the update means for the individual and promote any supporting employee benefits. As well as providing bite-sized e-learning modules on 30+ personal finance topics that are accessible at any time.

Together Molson Coors and nudge deliver live financial education workshops on finance topics (retirement planning, homebuying, managing debt, financial protection for family) to help upskill employees, providing specific guidance on how to take action and align with Molson Coors’ EAP, and My Healthy Advantage App.

Themed awareness campaigns are a core part of the financial wellbeing communication strategy at Molson Coors, with supporting financial education resources shared internally via mental health champions and within weekly business updates.

As financial wellbeing is one of Molson Coors’ key wellbeing pillars, alongside mental health, physical health and social health, the team recognizes that for employees to thrive they need to have balance in all areas. The team aims to ‘knit together’ activities across the wellbeing pillars.


open rate of a recent promotion of the flex benefit window


of employees that have visited these resources have returned three or more times


the average feedback rating of the cost-of-living workshop

Upbeat and positive overview of how to look after your financial wellbeing with some good examples to demonstrate what was being discussed.

Molson Coors employee

Feedback from workshop

Great explanations and scenarios and gave me things to think about.

Molson Coors employee

Feedback from workshop