Empowering employees through personalization

Empowering employees through personalization

Established: 1665

Employees: 5.5k

Industry: Construction 


Saint Gobain and nudge have been working together to deliver personalized financial education since 2017. Recently, the Saint Gobain team ran a successful communication campaign dedicated to helping employees navigate the cost-of-living crisis. The campaign made such an impact that it was shortlisted for Most Impactful Communcations in the Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023. 

The challenge

Driven by the cost-of-living crisis, the Saint Gobain team was aware that their people needed more support to take control of their finances, and in doing so, grow in confidence.


The campaign was centered around training sessions, presented by the nudge’s specialist financial education trainers. The content and interaction of the sessions were personalized and adapted for different circumstances, skill-levels and supported with real-life practical examples. The communication campaign linked back to the overarching strategy, ‘Making the World a Better Home’ to ensure the success continues to achieve the team’s employee benefit objectives.

Employees were empowered to regain control of their financial journeys, helping them to build confidence with financial education that includes practical knowledge and skills, designed to support people through the cost-of-living and beyond.


The campaign had a considerable impact on employees, of the people who attended the training sessions, 74% of people feel in control of their finances, on average people scored their knowledge of personal finance, and they said the biggest cause of financial concern is pensions, 80% said they felt confident about their financial future after attending the training.

Employee feedback on the campaign:

“It’s useful. Plan to use it [nudge] more in future.”  “Useful source of guidance for financial issues.”  “Brilliant, I’ve already used it [nudge] and found the subjects and short stories very helpful.”

“Really useful, I’ve never considered using nudge before (to be honest, I didn’t really know what it was) so it’s cool to know how useful it is!”

“It was perfectly pitched, light and not too dense. Very inviting and welcoming in its presentation. Fantastic work from Gabrielle at nudge.”

“Great session. Well-presented and enjoyed the interactive questions, could be some useful stories to follow up on and find out information about financial subjects etc.”


of people feel in control of their finances


said they felt confident about their financial future after attending training