Shutterstock roll out a global financial wellbeing strategy in 8 regions

Shutterstock roll out a global financial wellbeing strategy in 8 regions

Established: 2003
Industry: Technology
No. of employees: 700

The challenge

In January 2020, Shutterstock’s benefits team reviewed their global benefits program. Wellness was a huge focus, yet there was a missing gap for financial wellness to complete the puzzle for a comprehensive strategy. The alternatives to nudge were solutions applicable for one point in time, rather than being there to support employees’ ongoing financial wellbeing journey. Other solutions also didn’t support employees’ family and friends, nor have the same user engagement levels.

Due to the pandemic, many people’s financial circumstances changed. Shutterstock recognized that even if their people weren’t personally affected - their circle would have been. So they wanted to support their people to recognize this. Shutterstock’s Benefits team were delighted to get the green light to roll out nudge globally to meet this need.

The solution

nudge’s financial wellbeing platform was rolled out for employees in 8 regions: Australia, Eastern Asia, South America, North America, Northern Europe, Southeastern Asia, Southern Europe, Western Europe to provide a high quality, consistent global experience.

Shutterstock has a globally inclusive people strategy. Wellbeing is also a fundamental priority. Therefore, it was imperative that the new solution provided a consistent global experience. nudge met that need by providing a consistent technology experience across all locations, with localized and personalized financial education content. nudge works alongside the Shutterstock’s EAP, global fitness and mental health app and covers all regions apart from the US. So employees’ mental, physical and financial health are taken care of in an experience that is the same no matter the location.

nudgenomics (nudge’s data analytics on engagement, employee needs and interests) is a critical part of the solution for the team. It provided the proof that the launch was working, and the access to data on employee needs and interests is invaluable to inform their strategy. Shutterstock’s team were impressed with the unbiased nature of the nudge solution; offering financial education and no financial products, as well as not encroaching on the tricky territory of financial advice.

Shutterstock’s Benefits team have experienced people proactively reaching out saying how fantastic nudge is. With people so busy, this isn’t a normal reaction – the team have been blown away by the positive response.


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