Veritas bring financial wellbeing to their global population

Veritas bring financial wellbeing to their global population

Established: 1983
Industry: Technology
No. of employees: 7.5k


Veritas’ aim was clear, to bring financial wellbeing to their global population, starting with India and the UK. Since launching their financial education program with nudge, engagement has gone up to 99%. This launch engagement meant that Veritas was shortlisted for the Most Impactful Communications award at the Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023.

The challenge

Veritas noticed a downward attrition trend in India as the market slowed globally and some companies had implemented hiring freezes or a reduction in programs. Rising inflation rates and tighter spend budgets led to an increase in employee anxiety around managing their finances.


Veritas worked with nudge to launch a global financial wellbeing program that focused on personalized communications on the benefits of education, and its positive impact on people’s overall health.

In the run up to the launch, their UK and India employee help pages spotlighted rotational banners with a ‘coming soon’ header. Launch communication also included teaser content that’s still available on the intranet page for new joiners.

The communications were eye-catching, personalized to the different audiences and focused on proving the value of financial education and nudge.


engagement with the launch program


of employees are engaging with nudge


have already completed the full onboarding process