nudge prompted 10x more Visa employees to use the bonus waiver scheme

nudge prompted 10x more Visa employees to use the bonus waiver scheme

Established: 1958
Industry: Financial services
No. of employees: 10,000

The challenge

Visa offers a bonus waiver scheme to their employees as part of their benefits package. The scheme allows employees to pay some or all of their bonus into their pension savings tax-free, rather than being paid through their salary after income tax and National Insurance (NI) being deducted. Wanting to remind people to engage with, and increase take-up the scheme, Visa appointed nudge to deliver a personalized communications strategy.

The solution

Visa sent ‘nudges’ congratulating employees on their bonuses and reminding them about the pension savings option and the tax advantages it offers. They applied ‘nudge theory’ so the nudges were highly personalized to the employee, using monetary examples to highlight how the scheme would specifically help them. They also sent reminders on how these savings could grow over time, making a big difference to their potential retirement income. Plus, a note of caution about tax allowance limits.


number of employees are using the bonus waiver scheme


generated for Visa through lower tax and NI contributions

At Visa, we’re proud to offer a range of amazing benefits that are tailored to our employees’ unique circumstances. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make sure that they’re continuously aware and making the most of what’s on offer. And hopefully, save some money along the way. Working with nudge to deliver personalized, timely and relevant communications has made a real impact on engagement with our bonus waiver scheme and we’re thrilled with the outcome.

Paul Tremelling

Senior Reward Manager