Breaking financial wellbeing taboos with Vodafone UK

Breaking financial wellbeing taboos with Vodafone UK

Established: 1985
Industry: Technology communications
No. of employees: 13,500


Vodafone prioritizes the financial wellbeing of its employees, by demonstrating a strong commitment to their overall financial health. They were highly commended for the Biggest Impact on Financial Health category at the Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023.

The challenge

Vodafone’s dedicated team has taken on the mission of providing personalized financial education to empower individuals and foster a culture of strong financial wellbeing throughout the organization. An essential aspect of this initiative is breaking the taboo surrounding financial matters, ensuring that employees feel supported and are aware of how to get the help they need.

The solution

Vodafone launched a comprehensive campaign focused on personalized financial education.This initiative was seamlessly integrated with events, training, and existing benefits aimed at assisting those who are most vulnerable to financial shocks. Vodafone placed great importance on promoting awareness of financial education through nudge.

Vodafone promoted the campaign through various communication channels such as Workplace posts, internal screens and signposting to articles via internal emails and the intranet site.

The campaign was supported by multiple stakeholders within Vodafone and they made it their mission to help every employee with their financial health. The inclusive communication strategy was adapted to different demographics and internal communities so everyone in their diverse population was considered.

The results

All-time engagement with financial education increased by 6% with quarterly engagement increasing by 8%.


are interacting and engaging with financial education


financial health score (avg. is 60%)


'Great place to work' award

“Vodafone is deeply committed to supporting employee financial wellbeing and has a genuine care for their employees welfare. In fact, Vodafone has made it their mission, in partnership with nudge, to empower employees by providing personalised financial strategies and initiatives that foster strong financial health. We are thrilled that the hard work has paid off for our people and is being recognized by experts in the financial wellbeing industry. Together with nudge we feel like part of something bigger that connects with a better financial future for all."

Caroline Read

Reward Lead