RNIB empowers volunteers with financial education

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RNIB empowers volunteers with financial education

We have expanded our partnership with RNIB so the sight loss charity can offer nudge's impartial financial education program to its dedicated volunteers, as well as its employees. This initiative aims to support the financial health of RNIB volunteers, particularly those with sight loss who can face higher living costs.

64% of RNIB volunteers have sight loss and the charity is keenly aware that the ongoing cost of living crisis has hit blind and partially sighted people disproportionately. Additional costs, such as those associated with essential assistive technologies, means that blind and partially sighted people often can’t access the tools they need which are crucial for independence and employment. Limited employment opportunities and income disparities further compound the challenges, making it difficult for volunteers with sight loss to manage these additional costs.

Recognizing the need to give back to its volunteers and ensure their financial wellbeing during the cost-of-living crisis, RNIB aims to empower volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their finances with this partnership with nudge, and potentially open doors to new employment opportunities. This aligns with the charity’s overall commitment to support its dedicated volunteer network.

Jo Keller, RNIB’s Head of Volunteering said about the ​partnership:

“The rising costs of living has impacted our volunteer community more than most, not only because 64% have sight loss – which can lead to extra associated costs - but also for those who are volunteering as a route to employment may have limited disposable income.  We wanted to do something to support our dedicated volunteer community, and financial education felt like an effective solution that could have lasting benefits.  It’s a really easy service for our volunteers to sign up to, they can access it independently and they can instantly see the positive impact from nudge data and insights.”

Tim Perkins – nudge CEO and Co-Founder said about the ​expansion:

“Our partnership with RNIB is special to us at nudge. We care deeply about financial inclusion and it’s through working closely with RNIB that we can better deliver on our promise of financial education for everyone, everywhere. To expand our partnership means even more people, and particularly those who need extra support, can improve their financial prospects. We are looking forward to supporting more RNIB employees and volunteers on their financial education journey.”

Benefits of our financial education programme

nudge's comprehensive financial education offers a wide range of resources to improve financial literacy, skills and knowledge. Volunteers will have access to tools and interactive resources for managing budgets, calculating savings and even exploring investment options. Additionally, guidance and tutorials will cover various personal finance topics such as managing debts, creating emergency savings, retirement planning and more.

A significant advantage of nudge's financial education is its accessibility. In conjunction with RNIB, nudge's financial education content meets accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1 AA) and is inclusive for everyone, everywhere. nudge is impartial because it's transparent and free from product or provider bias, allowing volunteers to focus solely on improving their financial skills and knowledge without any conflicting interests or distractions.

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