Gamification of financial wellbeing: does it work?

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Gamification of financial wellbeing: does it work?

Gamification of financial wellbeing: does rewarding people for healthy habits work?

Employee wellbeing is vital for organizational success and companies like Delta are taking increasingly innovative steps to support their workforce. Recently, Delta partnered with nudge to implement a financial wellness program tailored for its global employees outside of the U.S. The initiative aimed to enhance financial literacy and resilience by offering monetary incentives, equivalent to $1,000, to empower its employees to take control of their finances and build healthy habits.

What problem was Delta trying to solve through gamification?

Delta's commitment to safety and service extends beyond the aircraft cabin; it encompasses the wellbeing of its employees worldwide. With an existing financial wellness program in place for U.S. employees, Delta wanted to create a consistent and effective program for all their diverse and international employee populations. The primary objectives were to increase financial literacy and bolster financial resilience, equipping employees to navigate financial challenges with confidence.

Gamification of financial wellbeing

nudge quickly emerged as the most effective to engage employees through personalized financial education stories and assessments. In addition to nudge’s interactive education, the Delta team decided to gamify the learning by incentivizing participation. What’s the prize for education? Delta employees can unlock rewards equivalent to approximately $1,000. The incentive structure is designed to encourage sustained engagement, with rewards distributed upon completion of financial health checkups and educational modules. nudge provides the Delta team with progress reports and valuable data insights on employees’ financial education engagement, enabling informed decision-making on employee wellbeing and their financial needs.

The question is does it work?

  • Employee engagement: Within just three months of launch, 95% of Delta employees took action on the nudge platform, indicating high levels of engagement and interest in financial education.
  • Financial empowerment: Over $2.5 million was awarded to employees as part of the financial education incentive, demonstrating the tangible impact of incentivizing healthy financial habits.
  • Employee participation: An impressive 88% of Delta's workforce, comprising 2,737 employees, earned rewards through active participation in the program, underscoring its effectiveness in driving positive behavior change.

Yes - gamification and incentives work.

Delta's initiative to incentivize healthy financial habits, and by partnering with nudge to implement personalized financial wellness, Delta not only addressed the diverse needs of its international workforce but also fostered a culture of financial resilience. As Joanne Smith, Delta's E.V.P and Chief People Officer, highlights, “financial wellness is integral to overall health and wellness, and Delta is committed to supporting its employees in every corner of the globe.”

In conclusion, Delta's experience serves as a compelling case study for organizations seeking to promote employee wellbeing through innovative incentive-based programs, underscoring the value of investing in financial education and empowerment.

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