Top 3 highlights: In conversation with Accenture

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Top 3 highlights: In conversation with Accenture

We recently invited global leaders in reward, wellbeing and benefits to join in a discussion between Paul Duggan, Global Health and Wellbeing Lead (EMEA) at Accenture, and Jeremy Beament, Director and Co-founder at nudge. Together, they delved into the latest global trends in financial health and wellbeing that are significantly impacting employees today. The conversation also shed light on how Accenture are supporting its global workforce through impactful financial awareness campaigns.

In case you missed it, here are three key takeaways from the conversation: 

1. Global financial health and wellbeing trends

It's evident that there is no consensus view on personal finance among economists and analysts, which is only fuelling uncertainty among the public. External factors, such as rising living costs and trends reported by partners like Aon, Mercer, and Willis Towers Watson, emphasize the need for a global approach to financial wellbeing.

Jeremy kicked off the discussion with Paul Duggan about the experience of rolling out nudge to Accenture employees globally, addressing the pressing global need for financial wellbeing.

2. Accenture’s launch insights

From the beginning, it was evident that removing the stigma around financial wellbeing was a significant aspect of the project. There is an ongoing effort to integrate wellbeing into the organizational culture. The term 'global' took center stage in Accenture’s rollout of nudge.

Accenture aimed for global solutions tailored to local contexts, and nudge's ability to customize content based on employees' countries made this goal achievable, generated momentum, and engaged senior stakeholders.

3. Key insights shared during the webinar:

“Applications of AI are expected to be felt worldwide in 2024. For example, your people will see more scams and misinformation this year. Your peoples' finances are going to come under a lot of pressure and change.” Jeremy Beament noted.

There’s still a trend where, particularly US headquarters, have very rich benefits in the US and perhaps another couple of core markets, like the UK or Australia. But for some countries, it can be life-changing to have one of these benefits for the first time.

“With a global kind of program, it does also mean you're often actually bringing something to countries that they haven't necessarily thought about initiating themselves. So, it’s a welcomed addition” Paul Duggan added.

“Financial wellbeing is something that we're really focused on. Our aspiration is to be amongst the best if not the best in terms of how we treat our people." – Paul Duggan continued.

Didn’t get a chance to join the webinar live? Watch here on demand.

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