2024 Global financial wellbeing report

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2024 Global financial wellbeing report

A world of opportunity is here

Every year, we recognize, and report on, the ever-evolving factors that influence the world’s collective financial wellbeing, including economic, environmental, psychological, and social changes. We believe understanding the global landscape of financial wellbeing is paramount, and today we're pleased to present our much-anticipated 2024 Global Financial Wellbeing Report, in partnership with Censuswide. The data offers an in-depth analysis of the state of financial wellbeing worldwide, plus guidance and support for employers on how to support employees through an effective financial wellbeing program.

What did this research set out to achieve?

Our latest Global financial wellbeing report looks at how financial education and benefits influence the identification, and success, of achieving life goals. Whilst highlighting potential barriers that stop success, including poor financial literacy and effective workplace support. The overarching aim from conducting this research is to support employers to remove barriers and encourage happier, more productive employees to put them on track to achieving their life goals.

About the research

In partnership with Censuswide, we surveyed 11,577 respondents in 17 countries: US, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, UAE, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, India and Spain. The data has been independently verified by Censuswide.

Key highlights from the report

  • Global financial wellbeing index today: The current state of financial wellbeing today is a spectrum of sentiments from hope to vulnerability but encouragingly, since our 2023 report, positive money sentiments have increased and negative sentiments decreased.
  • Aspirations: An analysis of global trends in financial goals highlights a strong desire for security. People’s top goal is to feel secure (94%), followed by growing a savings account (90%). 43% of employers are very confident that they know how to support employees to achieve their goals.
  • Plans: To understand the connection between financial wellbeing, aspirations and goals, the report investigates employees’ awareness and understanding of having a plan to achieve goals. 59% of people have an ‘informal’ financial plan, and for the many (44%) their plan doesn't extend further than three years into the future.
  • Employers role in goals: The report explores the connection between goals, plans, and support, both financial education and the employer. 40% of people believe their employer wants to support them to achieve their goals, a 29% increase year-on-year.

Empowering global change

At its core, the 2024 Global Financial Wellbeing Report serves as a catalyst for positive change in financial health for everyone across the world. By arming organizations and Reward leaders with actionable insights, the research strives to support employees to grow their financial confidence, get unstuck from survival mode, and move from functional to aspirational finances. Why? People who are financially confident are two times more likely to have goals, ambitions, and dreams for their life. When employees focus on their ambitions, they find their purpose, and through purpose employees find a greater sense of wellbeing.

Get involved in the story

As we navigate the complexities of today's financial landscape, collaboration and collective action are key. The connections between goals, plans and financial education are united together by employers - a critical piece of this story. The report highlights that when financial education (to set goals and have a plan) is combined with employer support, people are more likely to achieve their goals, gain a better sense of wellbeing and leave room for more aspirational thinking and planning. Essentially employees need employers to advocate for their aspirations, and in the process organizations can benefit from employees who are motivated by a bigger purpose.


The launch of nudge’s Global Financial Wellbeing Report 2024 marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission of brighter financial futures, for everyone, everywhere.

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