The nudge manifesto

The nudge manifesto

In today’s complex financial world, ignorance isn’t bliss. For billions of people, it’s hardship, hassle and lost opportunity.

But we believe change is possible. And we’re going to lead it.

We’re here to help the people who spend so much time working for money they don’t have time to manage it; people who work hard and need their money to work harder; people who don’t know about money, who to trust with money or who to turn to for help; people who just can’t be bothered, and people that don’t know where to start or just need a nudge to get started.

We’re here because we understand that it’s life – the precious hours of a singular, one-time life, which we trade for money when we work. And by making salaries, or wages, or payments go further, we can help make sure that time spent working is time well spent – and every human life can count for more.

We believe that when people are in control of their money, they’re in control of their lives. And with our help they can build brighter futures for themselves, their family, and those they love.

We believe that once people can see the benefits of financial education, they understand. When they understand they act. When they act they’re rewarded. When they’re rewarded they come back. And this virtuous cycle, once created, continues.

This, is what we love.

We love the hard work we do to make the complex simple. We love trying this, and then that, and then that, and then this.

We love using the latest technology to nudge the right person at the right time for all the right reasons. And using the latest psychology to affect timeless behaviours.

We love creating the nudges that smooth out the bumps and prevent the hard knocks. We love helping people stretch their pay-cheques, supplement their salaries and make their daily bread go further.

We’re on a journey to make personal finance more rewarding and turn the colour of money from grey to something lighter, brighter and more joyful. We’re going where no one has gone before, and we’re going to take our clients with us.

We believe that the power of education and technology can empower people to make better financial decisions.

And create brighter financial futures for everyone, everywhere.