2023 Global financial wellbeing forum

How to create an impactful global strategy

Jul 11 2023  |  Jeremy Beament, Maria Behrens, Goldman Sachs, Brenton Peck, the Financial Health Network and Artur Jager, GSK

Globally, people are anxious about their personal finances, 63% aren’t saving enough and 75% are not prepared for retirement.

Employees are looking for answers and turning to their employers for help. But how do organizations navigate every employees' unique set of challenges, and diverse financial needs, to create an impactful global strategy?

Watch the webinar with nudge Co-founder, Jeremy Beament and a panel of experts from Goldman Sachs, GSK and the Financial Health Network as they discuss the challenges, opportunities and latest trends in global financial wellbeing, such as how to:

  • Secure senior stakeholder buy-in for a global program.
  • Create a communication strategy to match the needs of your global workforce.
  • Prove the impact of your program.
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