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The nudgecast: Episode 2 'Why financial wellbeing should be central to your wellbeing strategy'

Feb 04 2020  |  Laura Moniz de Aragao, Commercial Director at nudge and Gethin Nadin, Director of Wellbeing at Benefex

Who owns wellbeing within an organisation? What makes a wellbeing strategy successful? What role does financial wellbeing play?

In this episode we address these critical questions with Gethin Nadin, Director of Wellbeing at Benefex and author of ‘A World of Good’ which reached the Top 5 of Amazon UK’s HR books.

Gethin challenges that it’s not always the amount of money we have that matters, it’s how we feel about it and make money work for us. We discuss how HR can avoid common pitfalls and create a culture of talking about money, integrating this approach in all areas to truly support employee wellbeing.

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