HR Strategy

The nudgecast: Episode 3 'Wellbeing at work, don’t overthink your business case'

Feb 11 2020  |  Laura Moniz de Aragao, Commercial Director at nudge and Ed Airey, Group Reward Director at William Hill

Can overthinking your business case for wellbeing be a distraction from success?

We are joined by Ed Airey, Group Reward Director at William Hill to hear how they have embedded wellbeing into their organisation which has a huge amount of retail employees.

This nudgecast explores their approach to wellbeing: ensuring they have a strategy that covers social, mental, physical and financial wellbeing. And how they have used nudge to cross pollinate across other areas of reward, policy and processes.

Ed also gives us his thoughts on why HR’s job will never be done with wellbeing and why focussing too much on the business case for wellbeing can be a detriment to success.

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