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The nudgecast Episode 6: Family finances

Mar 30 2020  |  Tim Perkins and Jeremy Beament, co-founders, nudge

Identifying the positives in these challenging times can be tough. As we see a lot of people now working at home, getting to spend time with family is a big positive. And while at home it’s more important than ever to make the most of the situation and discuss money. Whether it’s with your partners or your kids, it shouldn’t be a taboo subject.

In the second of our special nudgecast episodes, Tim Perkins and Jeremy Beament, co-founders of nudge explore family finances. Helping you to improve yours and your loved ones’ financial wellbeing during this time.

In this episode you’ll hear top tips, tricks on four key areas:

- Financial rights in marriages and civil partnerships
- Managing your finances as a couple
- The financial wellbeing of mothers
- Financially educating children. 

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