What the 2020 UK Budget means for your people

What the 2020 UK Budget means for your people

Mar 12 2020  |  Jeremy Beament, Co-founder, nudge | Tim Perkins, Co-founder, nudge | Laura Moniz de Aragão, Commercial Director, nudge | Richard Sadler, Head of UK Reward & Analytics, AXA

Financial wellbeing has never been so important. More than 10 million Brits are in the worst financial position ever and 11.5 million have less than £100 in emergency savings. 

The most recent UK Budget will also have a direct impact on your people’s financial situation and confusion around money. Not to mention the changes to benefits it brings and the FCA crack down on pay advances and salary loans

The time is now for independent, unbiased financial wellbeing.

Listen to our live broadcast, recorded the day after the 2020 UK Budget announcement where we discuss how this will affect your people and why it will impact you, the employer.

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