Form page - GWWF: A global warning on financial exclusion

A global warning on financial exclusion

Jul 27 2021  |  Team nudge

The global financial wellbeing forum - a global warning on financial exclusion

Money makes the world go round. And to repair this world we live in, we need to disrupt the deep-rooted exclusion in the financial ecosystem. Governments are too slow. Real change can only be realized when organisations break down barriers that exclude and build inclusive experiences for employees.

In this Global Financial Wellbeing Forum, we discuss how as global HR, reward and benefit leaders, we can eradicate exclusion through equal financial opportunities.

Keynote speakers:

Wade Davis, Former NFL player, public speaker and Vice President of Inclusion Strategy for Product at Netflix. Wade shares his insights on building inclusive working environments and how employers can improve employee financial wellbeing.

Victoria Mallinckrodt, Procurement Development Lead at World Economic Forum. Victoria dives into the world of women and finances, uncovering the reason to why women bore the economic brunt of Covid and why women make excellent investors.

The discussion groups:

Our delegates joined together to collaborate, explore, share and discuss:

  • Why inequality exists in the financial ecosystem?
  • What is the employer’s role in resolving financial inequality?
  • What action are we taking today? Story sharing with peers
  • What are our financial inclusion plans for tomorrow?

Together let’s make financial wellbeing a human right - not a birthright.

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