Global employee financial wellness program

Improve employee financial wellbness and drive uptake of total reward benefits through financial education and personalized, timely communication.

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“We want to drive uptake of employee benefits”

“We want to drive uptake of employee benefits”

“We want to improve employee financial wellbeing”

“We want to improve employee financial wellbeing”

“We need a global financial wellness pillar”

“We need a global financial wellness pillar”

Do these objectives sound familiar?

With nudge, your business can drive: 


Increase uptake in employee benefits


Reduction in employee financial stress


Increase in employee financial confidence

Personalized, timely notifications through SMS, email or WhatsApp improve employees' understanding of your full benefits offering, delivering increased uptake and engagement. Discover how nudge inspired 88% of Samsung employees to use their benefit allowance.


70% of people feel anxious about their financial situation. By tackling anxiety through knowledge that empowers people to act and take control, you can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Learn how ACCA reduces financial stress with a global financial wellbeing program.


Take care of your financial wellbeing pillar with global interactive webinars, underpinned by a financial education platform your people can access at any time. Read how Capgemini supports financial wellbeing with bespoke 5* masterclasses, accessible for all.


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Chat to our team to understand how financial wellbeing can support your corporate employee wellness programs.

How we drive tangible results

A nudge in the right direction

Powered by behavioral psychology and data, timely notifications drive employees to take action on their personal finance. As a result, users can be 15% better off at saving and 23% more likely to have a budget.

Communications to drive action

Our dedicated client success team ensures successful implementation and optimization of nudge, in line with your culture and internal strategy. Communication toolkits take employees on a journey of awareness, ensuring continued use of the platform.

Data you’ll actually use

Get access to critical data with nudgenomics. These insights will inform your wellbeing and employee benefit strategy, delivering programs your people really want, and need. Plus, easily measure employee financial wellbeing improvements with the financial health checkup.

Global money masterclasses

Our 5-star rated trainers deliver accessible money masterclasses for all employees, and stakeholder training on personal finance. Session content is aligned with your wellbeing strategy and tailored to your organization, whilst also promoting your wider reward and benefits program.

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A global problem needs a global solution. Here's why:

  • Consistent experience: Equitable, consistent support for all employees.
  • Global mobility: Helping employees relocate to a new country, and culture.
  • One global vendor: Offering simple reporting and management information.
  • Local content: Relevant to everyone, everywhere.

Learn how Shutterstock rolled out nudge in 8 regions 

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Don't just take our word for it

300+ organizations across the world trust nudge


"When assessing the market for financial education providers, nudge stood out as offering the only service that was truly independent, with no products to sell, as well as utilising a personalised method of delivery. We are truly excited about the opportunities it will offer our staff to tailor their education to their specific lifestyle needs."



"Following the pilot launch of nudge, 90% of those who took part said that nudge would help them better understand, manage and make more of their money. Within the first 6 months of fully launching nudge to IBM employees, we saw a take-up of 43% which was a very pleasing number for a brand new benefit and we look forward to building on this year on year."



"Financial education for employees is growing in popularity as it improves financial wellbeing and helps take the stress out of managing money. We wanted to launch a service designed to appeal to all employees regardless of age, wealth or lifestyle – eg, a school leaver understanding their first credit card, or a retiree planning inheritance for their family."


BNP Paribas

"The take-up of benefits and the interests of people don’t necessarily always correlate to their age, job grade or gender. It’s therefore essential that a financial education solution, like nudge, is personaliszed to the needs of each individual, whilst communicating relevant benefits in a way that help them come to life."

BNP Paribas

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. Looking for more? Check out the full list below. Or get in touch and we can talk.

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What is nudge?

nudge is an impartial, global financial education platform for all.

Our platform coaches your employees to take action on their finances, to feel in control of their life. Key features include:

  • Prompts and reminders: When there’s an event in personal finance your employees need to know - or take action on - we'll send them a personalized, timely prompt - or ‘nudge’ - as a reminder.
  • Personalized feed and stories: nudge provides financial skills and knowledge, designed just for your employees and their circumstances. Right from their first visit, there’s always a clear next step in their financial wellness journey.
  • Money management tools: Starting with a 'People Like You' comparison, the budget tool helps your employees plan anything from holidays to school fees. And savings, borrowing and life goal planners help them to manage all kinds of finances, and take control.
  • No sales pitches: With nudge, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to sell your people financial products. We only give them the tools they need to achieve financial wellness, and nothing more.

What management information will I get from nudge?

nudge gives you the ability to understand the financial needs, habits, and interests of all your people — in one analytics dashboard.

You can use this data to inform your wellbeing and employee benefit strategy, with benefits your people really need to achieve their goals. Use nudge as an education tool, targeted to an individual's needs, and maximize your reward spend by driving a better understanding of your employee benefits. 

What outcomes can I expect after offering nudge to my employees?

Our global financial education platform will benefit your whole business, including:

  • Improved employee wellbeing, demonstrated through measurable financial health assessments.
  • Enhanced diversity and inclusion initiatives with an inclusive solution.
  • Increased employee benefits uptake and engagement.
  • Increased retirement provision and stock plan uptake.
  • Optimized employee experience with leading global tech.
  • 34% average reduction in employee benefit inquiries.